Why is Pizza So Addictive?

When you ask someone what their favorite food is, it is likely that they will say, “pizza.” Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods, and that’s partly because it is so addictive. To learn why pizza is so addictive, just continue reading. 

Old Town Pizza

Pizza is made up of the perfect ingredients. No matter the type of pizza, it likely consists of fat, sugar, and salt, which pleases the neurons in the brain known as the amygdala. This makes the brain happy, as well as the stomach.

Another addictive aspect of pizza is the crust, cheese and sauce combination. Even a simple cheese pizza does the trick for many. Cheese is addictive one its own, but when you mix it with bread and sauce, it’s irresistible.

Some people love pizza because it can be customized to your personal preferences. When you think about it, almost anything can be a pizza topping. Maybe you prefer a simple cheese pizza, or maybe you’re more of a meat lovers or supreme type of person. You can even get experimental with your pizza, adding unique toppings like pineapple, sardines, and so on. You can even switch out the traditional marinara sauce for a buffalo or bbq, providing a cool contrast that switches things up.

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