Spotting an Authentic Italian Restaurant

Do you know how to spot an authentic Italian restaurant? It’s not always easy because it seems like imitation options outnumber the real ones nowadays. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to sink your teeth into authentic Italian food if you know the criteria for it.
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Consider these tips for finding the real deal when it comes to Italian food.

Authentic Italian Food Indicators

  • Check The Menu
      • Which dishes should you see on an authentic Italian menu? There are many (given how it’s such an ancient and diverse food genre), but you should at least find items like tortellini, ravioli, pizza Napoletana, chicken/veal marsala, and grilled chicken romano.
      • It’s not necessarily the case that anyone’s dish is mandatory, but rather you should be able to quickly spot a few of these classics.
  • Consult Customer Reviews
      • Italian restaurant patrons are pretty blunt and honest about authenticity these days. They’ll let you know when a place is subpar. Too many bad reviews will likely show you that they either have poor customer service or fail to deliver real Italian food.
  • Prices Will Tell You a Lot
      • Generally speaking, Italian food isn’t “cheap.” Neither is anything else that’s worth your consumption. If your chicken parmigiana has a price tag similar to a fast-food dollar menu, it probably wasn’t from an Italian chef.
  • Legitimate Pasta
      • The pasta choices never lie. A good Italian place will have plenty of classic pasta options such as fettuccine, penne, linguine, farfalle, and Cappellini. That’s not an exhaustive list at all, but you can definitely find them at Old Town Pizzeria.
      • The point is that you should be able to locate pasta with Italian names somewhere on the menu. If not, there’s a good chance you’re getting imitation cuisine. 
  • Italian Chefs
    • This might be even more obvious, but it helps to see Italian food prepared by Italian staff. Old Town Pizzeria is Italian-owned and loves serving the Port Jefferson area with many tantalizing dishes. If you still harbor any doubt, check out our gallery of images showcasing our many delights.

We hope you find these authenticity indicators helpful. As you know, we strive to fulfill all these conditions at Old Town Pizzeria. Most of what we’ve shown you is actually a bird’s eye view of our full menu of entrees, pasta, pizza, soups, salads, and more.

Old Town Pizzeria serves only the best old-fashioned pizza and Italian food. While you can sustain yourself on second-rate Italian food, we just don’t recommend it for very long. If you’d like to learn more about our delicious entrees and other items, feel free to call us at 631-473-3712.

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