Pizza Can Actually Be Healthy For You

When you think of pizza, you may not think of a healthy dinner. However, pizza can actually be good for you. To learn more about the potential health benefits of eating pizza, keep reading.

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Pizza sauce is made up of several healthy ingredients. Sauce can be rich in vitamin C, which can help build your immune system. If a pizza sauce has oregano in it, this ingredient can positively affect your immune system even more. Carvacrol is an active ingredient in oregano that can help balance your blood sugar and keep your liver healthy.

Depending on the toppings of your pizza, pizza can contain nutritious ingredients. Adding tomatoes to your pizza can up your fruit intake, while red peppers and mushrooms can increase your vegetable consumption. If you pick a lean meat as a topping, such as ham or beef, this can give you some protein in your diet. A thin crust pizza is a healthy alternative to deep dish, because it reduces the amount of empty carbs you consume.

Did you know pizza can give you a brain boost? Spinach is a popular pizza topping, and this ingredient is especially beneficial. It contains folate, which is a vitamin that promotes circulation to the brain. Spinach can also positively affect your serotonin levels.

Pizza can be a healthy dinner option because you choose the ingredients. Sure, if you opt for extra cheese your pizza won’t be as healthy, but if you go light on the unhealthy ingredients and load your pizza with fruits and veggies, this dish can actually provide you with nutritious health benefits.

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