Pairing Wine with Pizza

Many people think about pairing pizza with beer, and we can’t blame them. Pizza and beer have been a staple in the pizza industry for decades. However, not everyone likes beer, and there are people who don’t think pizza and beer go well together. If you aren’t a beer fan, have you ever considered pairing pizza with wine? If you are thinking about pizza tonight, here are some suggestions about wine pairings with pizza.

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Wine and Pizza Combinations

In the past, if you were drinking wine with your pizza, you would choose red without thinking. For a classic pizza with tomato sauce, meats and cheeses, you would want a red wine to balance out the heaviness of the meal. Today’s pizzas however are made with many different combinations, including veggie crusts, creamy or pesto sauces, and meatless pizzas. Because pizzas have evolved, there are wines that pair well with the pizzas you like the best.

If you love a classic cheese pizza, you may want to pair a grenache red blend with your pizza. The fruity flavors of the grenache red wines complement the acid in the tomato sauce, and the fattiness of the cheese to make a great combination. If you love the Margherita style of pizza, tone the fruity flavors of the red wine down and instead opt for a rose. The lighter bouquet of rose will give you the combination of fruit, tomato, and cheese without overwhelming the pizza.

What if you are one of the drawing numbers of people who opt for a creamy basil or pesto sauce and a non-meat pizza? You may want to try a Chardonnay to blend with your pizza. The pizza’s creaminess blends in amazingly with the slightly sweet wine.

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