Five Fun Facts about Italian Food!

Everyone likes a little bit of Italian, but not everyone knows about the social customs that surround it. In our opinion, you can’t really appreciate the full extent of what Italian has to offer unless you know a bit about where it came from. Here are five fun facts about eating, Italian-style:

1) Start Your Morning Off Right

Morning coffee is supposed to have milk in it, a true Italian breakfast wouldn’t be complete without it. Should you ever be so lucky as to visit Italy, expect to order a cappuccino or latte with your colazione.

2) Sit Down

Pizza, Pasta, and Paninis at Old Town Pizza

If you are in a hurry and tempted to grab your meal and go, don’t. Italians understand that food is supposed to be enjoyed, why bother otherwise? If you plan on properly eating Italian food, make a plan to have a seat for a while and enjoy yourself. 

3) Lunch Is Where Its At

Since the time of ancient Rome, Italians have understood that lunch is the true King of the meals. Start off with a good solid pasta and follow it up with a rich and savory meat dish. Cap it all off with a salad and a little bit of dessert and you’ll know the true meaning of lunch. Have a snack later and call it dinner.

4) Special Days Call for Special Food

Italians love holidays almost as much as food, if for no other reason than its an excuse to eat certain foods! Christmas is a time for cured olives and meats, roasted wild game, fish and pandoro. Whereas Easter is the time for Casatiello napoletano, Lamb and Scarcella. No matter the holiday, Italy has a meal plan for it. 

5) Pizza Used To Be For The Poor

Pizza probably originated in Naples as a flatbread served with a variety of toppings. Made with simple ingredients and easily produced in quantity, it quickly became a favorite amongst the poor. Pizza didn’t rise through the ranks until 1738 when Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba opened as the first pizza restaurant in Italy.

While the above list provides some interesting information about Italian food, nothing compares to actually eating it. Old Town Pizzeria offers a wide selection of Italian fare that is sure to give you a taste of the old country. We invite you to visit us at 691 Old Town Road in Port Jefferson Station. We look forward to feeding you!

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