Feb 7th is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

What is your favorite type of pasta sauce? If Alfredo is your answer, get ready for National Fettuccine Alfredo Day. February 7 is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day!

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The history of Alfredo sauce dates back to 1892 when Alfredo di Lelio started working in his mother’s restaurant. After learning how to cook, he prepared meals for his ailing wife. In 1908, he crafted up Fettuccine Alfredo in an effort to get her to eat. This recipe took off. In 1920, movie stars Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford tried Fettuccine Alfredo during their honeymoon and adored it. Then, in 1950, Alfredo and his son Armando opened the II Vero Alfredo restaurant, also known as The True Alfredo. A second location opened near Rockefeller Center in New York City in 1977.

If you want to celebrate National Alfredo Day this February 7, you can make your own fettuccine or host an Alfredo party. Preparing handmade fettuccine noodles is a long, yet fun process. You can invite friends and family over to help you make your own noodles and sauce from scratch. If you’d rather stay out of the kitchen, you can visit Old Town Pizzeria.

At Old Town Pizzeria, we serve delicious pasta dishes that you will be sure to enjoy. Of course, we have a Pasta Alfredo dish that is ideal for February 7. Our Pasta Alfredo is made with a creamy cheese sauce. If you want to dine on some tasty Alfredo, make sure to visit us at 691 Old Town Road in Port Jefferson, New York. You can order on our website, dine-in, or place an order by calling 631-473-3712 today!

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