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You might not have heard this, but this weekend marks an amazing holiday in world history. March 20 is National Ravioli Day, a day set aside for celebrating this unique Italian dish. Here is more information about National Ravioli Day and how you can celebrate it.

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National Ravioli Day

Ravioli was first mentioned in history in the 14th century and was even served to one of the early Popes, who definitely enjoyed it. Ravioli is a square-shaped pasta you can fill with anything you want. Many people fill their ravioli with meat and pasta sauce or cheese, but there are dozens of flavors of ravioli around the world. Often in Italy, ravioli is stuffed with pork and sausage, but there are places where seafood ravioli is king. You can have your ravioli in traditional pasta sauce as well as a cream sauce, such as alfredo.

At Old Town Pizzeria, we offer different versions of ravioli. One of our best-loved versions is aragosta ravioli, which is a ravioli stuffed with lobster, topped with shrimp and drizzled with pink seafood sauce. You can also choose to enjoy the delicious baked ravioli with tons of sauce and cheese.

When you’re ready to enjoy ravioli or one of our amazing pizzas, you need to come by and see us. We’re located at 691 Old Town Rd, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776. You can also give us a call at 631.473.3712.

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old town pizzeria italian restaurant near me
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