Crimes Against Pasta Are Real, But Not at Old Town Pizzeria

While you won’t see any of them appear on Court TV or the perpetrators announced on America’s Most Wanted, crimes against pasta are a very real thing. The unfortunate thing about the criminal acts that are taken against pasta is that they’re almost always completely unintentional. That being said, you’ll never see any of them committed at Old Town Pizzeria. We happen to take the finely crafted entrees we serve quite seriously, and strongly believe in adhering to and upholding the highest standards of quality. 
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To illustrate this statement, we’re here to present a list of some of the various crimes against pasta that are commonly committed. None of which you’ll ever have to worry about us ever being a part of. 

Breaking Long Pasta

Many people are guilty of this common infraction. Moms all over the country commonly break the pasta before placing it into boiling water. So, what’s the problem? Pasta is unique in its texture and shape once it’s prepared. Breaking the noodles also robs them of their authenticity. 

Not Stirring Properly 

If you’ve ever eaten at someone’s house and you notice that the pasta is stuck together, this is a firm indication of an infraction of the highest order. When pasta is being prepared, it MUST be stirred regularly to cook evenly and separate. Simply dumping broken pasta in water and walking away is one of the worst crimes imaginable, which leads to another crime–using oil to separate it while it’s boiling. 

Not Adding the Sauce in the Kitchen 

This is another occurrence that happens far too often. The sauce is best added to cooked pasta in the kitchen. Once pasta is on a plate, the act of slopping cold sauce on top makes for a meal that’s unappetizing and possesses a lackluster taste. 

Rinsing Off in The Strainer 

While it’s good practice to wash off vegetables before use, the same can’t be said for pasta once it’s been cooked. The water that that pasta’s been cooked in contains starch that helps give it a texture and flavor that’s unique. Rising off the pasta once it’s done draining compromises the authenticity. And no one, and we mean NO one, wants to be a pasta poser. 

Obey the Laws of Pasta at Old Town Pizzeria

These crimes against pasta are inexcusable, intolerable, and all-around a travesty in the face of authenticity. However, in a world of injustice, there’s Old Town Pizzeria. We hold ourselves to a high standard that our competition doesn’t. For a menu, and more reasons why you should come visit us, head on over to

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