Check Out These Common and Delicious Italian Spices!

Italian food is one of the most beloved cuisines. When it comes to Italian food, many dishes contain the same seasonings and spices. Check out these common and delicious Italian spices by reading on!

One top Italian seasoning is basilico, or basil. Basil is an herb that creates warm, sweet, and characteristic flavor in some of your favorite Italian dishes. You can taste basil in many pesto sauces, where it is the main ingredient. 

Italian Food at Old Town Pizza

The next Italian seasoning you may recognize is thymus, or thyme. Thyme is commonly paired with dishes that feature garlic and lemon. Thyme is frequently used as an ingredient in soups, stews, and vinegars.

Rosmarino, or rosemary, is another Italian seasoning you may be familiar with. Rosemary is used most commonly used with vegetables and vinegars, but you can also find it in breads. Rosemary has a sweet and powerful aroma that translates into its flavor

Aglio is the Italian word for garlic. Garlic is one of the most beloved flavors in Italian food because of its versatility. You can find garlic in everything from breads, to sauces, to dressings.

Sage is called salvia in Italian. Sage is used mostly in dressings and meats, and especially in Tuscan white bean stew.

Origano, or oregano, is an Italian seasoning that is a favorite among Italian food lovers. You have likely had oregano in pizza or pasta.

Pepper is one of the most commonly used spices across the globe. It is also frequently used in Italian foods as a way to enhance flavors.

Finally, zenzero, or ginger, is a spice that you can find in Italian foods. Even though ginger is used around the world, Italians use ginger in sweeter foods like cookies, biscuits, and breads.

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