Celebrate National Linguine Day!

National Linguine Day is September 15! This day is all about the delicious and delicate pasta noodles known as linguine. In Italian, linguine translates to “little tongues.” Even though the name doesn’t sound appetizing, people near and far enjoy linguine for its flat and delicate shape. To learn more about linguine and how you can celebrate National Linguine Day, keep on reading.

Linguine and Pasta in Port Jefferson Station

Linguine is most commonly served with pesto and seafood. Because linguine is delicate in shape, it is typically topped with lighter sauces. Just because a sauce is light doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty. As a matter of fact, linguine dishes are popular among many for their fresh and light flavors. Linguine pairs perfectly with seafood, or you can eat linguine with other popular Italian dishes such as pizza.

To celebrate National Linguine Day, you can make a pot of homemade linguine at home. You can find linguine noodles at grocery stores across the country. However, you may want to celebrate National Linguine Day this year at Old Town Pizzeria. You can dine on some of our pre-made pasta this September 15!

At Old Town Pizzeria, we serve a wide variety of pasta dishes. There is something for everyone at our location! Consider ordering our Pasta e Gamberi, which is made with shrimp, broccoli florets, and sundried tomatoes sauteed in a roasted garlic and olive oil sauce. Pick linguine when ordering this menu item to celebrate National Linguine Day the right way! Other pasta dishes we serve at our restaurant include our Shrimp Marinara or Fra Diavolo, our Pasta Polcioffo, and our Pasta Pomodoro with meatballs or sausage.

Is your mouth watering yet? If it is, head to Old Town Pizzeria! We are located at 691 Old Town Pizza in Port Jefferson, and we can’t wait to celebrate National Linguine Day with you!

National Linguine Day at Old Town Pizzeria

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